Salt Lake City, Utah


The next Awareness Through Movement Class series will begin in March 2018.

It will be held...

Wednesday Evenings 
Six class series 
March 14 to April 18th
7:00 - 8:30  pm

Topic to be announced


Afternoon classes are arranged by request
Classes are held at:
1390 South 1100 East

Salt Lake City

Class size is limited to 4 -6 people.  


If you are interested in participating, please contact me through this website.  

I will be out of the courntry in January and February however, I will check my messages




The Advanced Training for Professionalswhich stated in October 2017 was full
The most rewarding and effective part of my professional practice has been the joy of learning how to trust and listen…to my higher self in partnership with my client’s body wisdom. Paying attention to what is speaking under my hands involves that the small “i” gets out of the way and the big “I” is available. This has been a lifetime of study and personal healing. I want to share the skills that I’ve learned in this journey.
It takes dedication to technique to be able to draw on intuition. Therefore, each of the participants will already be skilled professionals in their own field and will bring what they know to the table. The intention of the training is to raise the vibration in each of us and in our circle of care. I offer that our time together be retreat and renewal as well as a deep learning experience. 
There will be only 6 students in this series. 
Space is available for two more.
Intentions for the Training:
I do not intend to create a Carol Lessinger method. 
I do intend to do my best to:
Create an environment which increases trust in your own voice
Find authenticity in your own practice
Experience profound personal healing
Build skills and knowledge through the physical and energetic bodies
Topics To Fulfill These Intentions:
Meditation and Presencing activities
Shifting the location of personal identity 
Feldenkrais Awareness Lessons 
Resource building
Movement team relationships
Analagous anatomy relationships 
1390 South 1100 East

Salt Lake City

To register please email, call or text Carol.