Moving In Wholeness

Moving in Wholeness is Carol Lessinger’s unique way of teaching FELDENKRAIS LESSONS so that you may discover deep body awareness and multi levels of consciousness.  All behaviors, including emotions, have a pattern of movement associated with them.  In doing this work you replace unconscious patterns of movement, established early in life, with authentic ones that are more relevant to you in present time.  You are gently guided to find internally motivated choices, rather than the choices you made to satisfy the expectations of others.  The effect is lasting change: the sort of improvement that offers greater vitality, more flexibility in your responses to life, and grace in everyday actions.

Carol blends intuition with a totally practical approach in her teaching style.  Playfulness, childlike curiosity, and humor are encouraged and clearly included as part of the process.

Why Awareness?

When we are aware, we have the choice to change.  Without awareness there is no choice but to continue our present pattern. Learning about the self through awareness is healing.   Awareness, in and of itself, is transformational.

Why Presence?

Now is the only time we can change.  The difficulty is that our mental body is usually worried about the future and our emotional body is caught in concern about the past. Our physical body, however, is always in present time. Moving in Wholeness uses the inherent present state of your physical body to help you heal and bring more presence into your life.  

Why Movement?

Movement is the best access to the physical body. It is always going on and it is the environment for all our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. The quality and comfort of our movement deeply effects the quality of our life. However, injuries, over work, and a lifestyle of sitting too much cause a diminishing quality of movement.  Sometimes, we have simultaneously conflicting thoughts…”I have to, but I can’t”…"I should, but I don’t want to”…  The foundation of these thoughts are embedded in long held beliefs. However, these conflicting intentions can produce the opposing muscular demands that we experience as chronic tightness, tension, unnecessary effort, and emotional discomfort.  Moving In Wholeness offers a unique way to bring harmonious congruent muscular support to your system. It supports the essence of mind/body/emotional integration.

How Does It Work?


The body’s first language is the language of touch.  Through touch, we learn directly.  In Moving In Wholeness, the intent of the touch is to offer choice, healing, and compassion. There is no coercion or manipulation.  In this way, there is great power in the most subtle suggestion.  Carol provides individual, hands on sessions.  Her touch brings you both the awareness of what you’re doing now and suggestions for new alternatives that are more comfortable and functional.  Transformation is through both energetic and structural alignment.

Your private hands-on session will promote the release of deep, long-standing, often unconscious, muscular contractions. This work differs from massage or chiropractic because it works with the brain's brilliant capacity to learn and coordinate movement. Our brain reorganizes itself based on new incoming information. Both the hands-on work and the classes offer new sensory information.


In a group setting, you are led through gentle, yet deceptively deep and evocative movement sequences, designed to reduce effort and bring you to greater self awareness.  The gentleness of the work makes it accessible for all ages and all levels of movement coordination.

What to expect

You may expect one or more of the following results: Improved posture, more flexibility, pain reduction, greater ease, more stamina, easier breathing, and enhanced performance in all your activities. You may be surprised at the changes in your perception of yourself and changes in thinking and behavior.