What People Say

Carol Lessinger is a Master Teacher. I have experienced her hands-on work and as her student when she instructed in the professional Cortical Field Reeducation Training. Her attention to detail and eye for those subtle things just on the edge of our awareness offers the gift of bridging that gap between what we are aware of and what we aren't, with unimaginable skill and grace.

As my teacher and healer, Carol has helped me pay attention to my details, thus learn more than I would have without her keen observation. Specifically: I saw her soon after release from a cast due to a Compound Fracture in my arm. The mobility and range of motion, I was told was not possible for months, returned immediately to my shoulder, other arm and neck -  all the places I had compensated. Carol is masterful in delivering the important message of CFR and Feldenkrais, that "everything is connected."

As a professional runner, the body awareness I have gained from lessons with Carol gives me an edge on the competition. While others are tossing limbs around, doing "stretches" which actually injure muscles and repeat the the dysfunctional pattern of "seeking the limit, and holding on until it is unbearable,"  I am doing movements which INCREASE CAPACITY, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Working with Carol is to give oneself the gift of experiencing true satisfaction on a level you did not know was possible.

Melody Fairchild, Professional Runner, Director of Children and Teen Running Programs, Winner, 2011 Colorado Half Marathon (1:23:00) 


Dear Carol,

After attending your two day workshop on core strength, I want to give you feedback about my great results. It has so up graded my Pilates workout. I’ve  done Pilates for many years and have an excellent teacher; however, using the “domes” energetically and physically really upgraded my practice.  My neck now has a comfortable, strong place that it automatically goes to when I need to keep my head lifted.  Instead of needing to remember not to let my shoulders come forward, my whole shoulder girdle naturally moves to, and stays, where it should be. My teacher says that instead of my shoulder blades being held, they are naturally stabilized as part of my whole organization. Hard moves are easier and I feel stronger.

Also, I feel longer and stronger in my core when running and biking.   

Thank you for a wonderful workshop.       

Harriet Goslins,  Founder CFR®,  Feldenkrais® Practitioner


I want to express my sincere thanks for letting me attend your wonderful workshop.  Wow.......it was great and I loved everyone that was in attendance.  So interesting.  My jaw/ neck has really released and my hip is so much better.  

Danielle Bean  1/25/2014


I had experienced Feldenkrais style eye work with several other teachers and always had impressive results but working with Carol took it to an entirely new level. The eyes are a powerful gateway into not just sight but the entire neurological system and Carol's emphasis on rests between movements and integration after word allowed us to take that change home in a very powerful way. 

My eyesight improved over the 4 weeks as well as experiencing a release of tension in my neck, jaw and upper back. In addition I found myself more energetic and less anxious. The right side of my neck where I had an old injury released and I felt like the muscles on that entire side became more available and stronger.

This is powerful work and Carol's approach is clear and gentle.  I will be using these techniques for years!

Celeste Metz 10/29/2014


I have had several private sessions with Carol, and participated in a six-day workshop she conducted.  I was diagnosed with MS three years ago and developed mild weakness on the entire left side of my body.  I’ve tried many different alternative and traditional procedures to deal with my MS; including strength training, acupuncture, diet, herbs, and medication. Everything I’ve tried has helped a little; however, my sessions with Carol and the workshop resulted in a dramatic effect on my symptoms where nothing else has.  The sessions resulted in improved strength of the left side of my body, significant improvement in the quality of my walking and ability to move, and cessation of physical sensations associated with MS.  I can’t say exactly why what Carol does works as effectively as it does, but I do recognize that she is an expert Feldenkrais teacher; and beyond that I believe that Carol is a gifted and highly intuitive healer.

Jody Howe, Attorney       Salt Lake City 2000



I am profoundly grateful for this work. Carol is extraordinarily gifted and sensitive.  Through her understanding, she is able to help bring integration, alignment, and freedom to those lucky people who find her.

After a week long Cortical Field Reeducation workshop intensive, I had a private  floor lesson with Carol. I felt like years of stress were taken away.  My back relaxed and aligned in a new way so that I could actually sleep on it for the first time—usually I always sleep on my side or my stomach.  Carol also worked a lot on my jaw.  Generally when I awaken at night, I would have a tightness in my jaw.  That is gone too!  It is now months later and I am still feeling so aware of my body, conscious of how it fits together and moves.  When I have a pain,  I am able to do subtle adjustment moves thanks to all the learning I have been given.  My birthright to move as a human has been restored and I feel tremendous vitality.




My sister did Carol’s six-day workshop and she transformed. She no longer has any projection of victim or blame or “cannot do” patterns.

The change is remarkable. Because of her experience, I decided to take the next available workshop and WOW! I finally understand the meaning of “ask and you shall receive, I am living in the world entirely differently than ever before. During the workshop, in a movement sequence, a choice came to me. The words in my head were” I chose life.” This has a whole different meaning to me than before. Healing and transformation like this is possible with Carol’s guidance, her knowledgeable coaching, and mostly her presence.  It’s who she is that made it possible for me to be who I am, fully and in joy.  Thank you Carol, my gratitude is endless.

Melene Rose       Salt Lake City 2001



The following comments appeared on  Esalen Workshop feed back forms 
in answer to the question: “What was your experience of the workshop?” 

Fantastic...It was just what I’d hoped for. Working with Carol was a priviledge.
It was a life changing and life prolonging experience.

I was impressed with how much benefit I received even though it was only two days.

Intensive, transformational, gentle, very important! After studying with Carol for the past two years,  my weekend was a deepening experience of this wonderful tool. It focused me more internally, the only place for true learning and healing.

Learning to respect and listen to my body. To treat my movements with softness.
To continue to use this new knowledge at any moment. To know that I can help myself at any time.


The following statement is from a University of Utah student's class journal in 1995.

I’m amazed at the richness in my body and in my life.
This class has shifted my awareness forever. It is fluid now. 
I don’t stay with any static perception for very long.